[Tweeters] Cedar Waxwings Freeway Park

John Hanske jhanske at gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 16:31:35 PDT 2017

I was walking to my parking garage via Freeway Park on Friday 3/31. I heard
a familiar bird sound and stopped to figure out who it was. I soon realized
I was looking at a group of at least 10 cedar Waxwings feeding on ripe
pyrocantha berries. They were grabbing berries and then perching in a
nearby conifir. I was basically in the middle of the flock by virtue of
standing so low in comparison to the conifir on top of the retaining wall.

I was on the walkway west of 8th ave, north of Seneca, and south of the
convention center. I was also north of the 8th Ave pedestrian underpass.
The waxwings were feeding directly above I-5.

I am reporting this because I have never seen Waxwings this early. I
typically see them in June or later.

John Hanske
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