[Tweeters] Executive Order banning hunting (and how it affects birders)

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Sat Apr 1 08:11:47 PDT 2017

It looks like a lot of governors and the president are busy today. :)


On Sat, Apr 1, 2017 at 4:33 AM, Matt Bartels <mattxyz at earthlink.net> wrote:

> I’m not sure how to respond to this one — emotionally, it sounds good for

> now for wildlife, but intellectually I know this doesn’t bode well.. Here’s

> the article:






> *(Washington DC) Today, in his seeming quest to alienate yet another

> formerly loyal segment of the population, President Trump signed an

> executive order severely limiting the use of firearms for hunting purposes.

> Confusing Republican party officials and the NRA alike, Trump’s new order

> would cut off the hunting seasons for deer, elk, waterfowl and game

> birds.Citing the desire to slash spending at the US Fish & Wildlife

> Service, the President announced that beginning in 2018 hunting will no

> longer be allowed for most animals. Not surprisingly, traditional gun

> rights groups are alarmed. According to the President: “My lawyers have

> assured me that this order would have no effect on the 2nd Amendment right

> to bear arms — a beautiful amendment, very beautiful. I totally support it.

> Instead, this order will Make America Great Again by turning our guns on

> their real targets — bad people. Hunting is a distraction from the very

> real and very important right of Americans to defend themselves against

> other people.”Concerns were also raised that this might be a necessary

> first step to clear the way for the long-desired sell-off of public lands.

> Until this order, hunters and other wildlife enthusiasts were united in

> their opposition to all proposals to privatize federal lands. Once this

> ruling is in place, the gun lobby will perhaps no longer have much at stake

> in the land-ownership issue. **Wildlife biologists warn that without

> hunting, species such at deer may wreak havoc on ecosystems.*


> *Exceptions to the order do exist: In what is being hailed as a concession

> to his sons’ well-known penchant for big game hunting in Africa, the law

> will not seek to enforce any hunting limits outside the US. And species

> recently removed from the Endangered Species Act will receive a

> ‘grandfather clause’ allowing hunting for the first 10 years after removal.

> Citing this provision, Trump noted that “it is only fair that hunters at

> least have a chance to shoot some of these animals after they were cruelly

> protected by law, bad law, for so many years.” Some on the left contend

> that the seeds for this exception can be found in Trumps embarrassing

> encounter with a Bald Eagle, as captured in a widely-shared gif

> [ http://imgur.com/gallery/ibRmRi6 <http://imgur.com/gallery/ibRmRi6> ].*


> I know it may be controversial, but I think in the end, the birding

> community should show their solidarity with hunters and speak up against

> this executive order Sure it will be nice to bird Eide Road without the

> gunfire but I think the consequences long-term are not worth that peace and

> quiet. I look forward to further discussion.


> Matt Bartels

> Seattle, WA


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