[Tweeters] Neah Bay! Neah Bay!

Eric Heisey magicman32 at rocketmail.com
Mon Oct 31 13:07:05 PDT 2016

Hey all,

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the Field Sparrow Scott and I found Saturday morning, but unsurprisingly there were many more good birds this weekend! Here’s a quick list:

-Field Sparrow
-Harris’s Sparrow: An adult found by Scott on Saturday night, foraging in town with a flock of Zonotrachias
-Tropical Kingbirds: At least 3 between Lincoln and Kal-Chote
-Orchard Oriole: Continuing between wooden staircases on the east side of town
-“Eastern” Blue-gray Gnatcatcher: Continuing at the same place as the Orchard Oriole
-Palm Warbler: Foraging near the Field Sparrow, near the playground, several still present at Hobuck Beach
-Golden Eagle: Adult flushed over car near the end of Backtrack Rd
-Sabine’s Gull: Off the jetty
-Buller’s Shearwater: Cape Flattery
-Northern Fulmar: Very close to shore, seen pretty much everywhere this weekend
-Rough-legged Hawk: Wa'atch Valley
-Red Phalarope: Cape Flattery
-Black-legged Kittiwake: Several at Cape Flattery, a very obliging individual in town
-Nelson’s Gull: At the creek mouth
-Northern Pygmy-Owl: Calling briefly at the same spot that the Golden Eagle was seen
-White-throated Sparrow: Hobuck beach
-Meadowlark sp.: We had an interesting bird at Hobuck Beach on Saturday night, showing some odd plumage features. General consensus is an odd Western, but photos are being looked at still.

It was a great weekend with tons of great birds! Good birding,

Eric Heisey

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