[Tweeters] Re: FOS White-crowned sparrow BRAIN FART was White-throated sparrow

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I was looking at my post yesterday, and I'm sure that anyone who looked at the picture thought, what the heck?  And they were too kind to tell me that instead of White-throated I said  White-crowned.  I also have a tendency to bronze the Brown-headed Cowbird and to make a Common Yellowthroat more golden.  Thank you for your forebearance.Michelle

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I saw a White-crowned Sparrow  at the Water Resources Center feeder on the east side of the building,  hanging out with Spotted Towhees and Golden-crowned Sparrows. 
https://www.flickr.com/photos/11815777@N07/30328831190/in/dateposted/Other birds in the area were Black-capped Chickadees and a couple of Downey Woodpeckers.  I could see a Belted Kingfisher across the road, diving into the water, but it promptly disappeared when I came closer.  Mallards were quite vocal, as well as some Northern Flickers, but I didn't see them.  On the river near McMinneman's I saw three female Common Mergansers and several Double-crested Cormorants.  
Michelle MaaniSalmon CreekVancouver, Washington

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