[Tweeters] Short-eared Owl - Edmonds pier

Joe Sweeney sweeneyfit at mac.com
Thu Oct 27 17:44:06 PDT 2016

This morning, Thursday, 10/27/16 at 10:30am, I observed a SHORT-EARED OWL flying high above the Sound and heading east. I suspect it had just completed a flight across the Sound, since last year on 3 separate days (Oct 5, Oct 26 and Nov 9) I also watched a SEOW as it appeared to be completing a flight across the Sound.

All of my Short-eared Owl sightings from the Edmonds pier have occurred on rather dark, cloudy mornings. 3 of the 4 times the owls were flying quite high. So, when you are on the pier, especially this time of year, besides looking out over the water for sea birds, look up occasionally - for owls!

To see 3 photos of this morning’s owl, click on my eBird checklist below:


Joe Sweeney
NE Seattle
sweeneyfit at mac dot com




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