[Tweeters] The Disappearing Common Eider - observation not the bird

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 26 23:03:11 PDT 2016

For about 60 minutes on Tuesday, Jon Houghton, Ann Marie Wood and I were proud possessors of a Common Eider sighting as we traveled to Hayton Reserve and found the previously reported rarity.  Unfortunately as Ryan Merrill advised, this bird was an escapee - so bye bye record.  This Blog entry recounts that day and reflects on some earlier Eider observations.  It ends with a story about the Common Eider and Northern Wheatear seen on the same day in Westport four years ago - October 2012.  If you read it - please don't tell Dennis Paulson - unless you just can't resist.  :-)  

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