[Tweeters] need Great Horned Owl pictures

Christine Southwick clsouth at u.washington.edu
Mon Oct 24 07:45:15 PDT 2016

How did Halloween creep up on me?
Too busy with other things I guess...
At any rate, I need some Great Horned Owl pictures for my Shoreline Area News "For the Birds" article.

Any that I use will have photo credit, and will greatly enhance my article.

Since I have a 400 word limit, pictures allow me to write about interesting habits and locations without having to describe how they look.
Besides, lots of pictures that local photographers send me of regionally local birds are really quite delightful and entertaining.

I am always so grateful for all the wonderful Tweeter photographers...

Christine Southwick
Shoreline Area News "For the Birds", columnist

Please send pictures to:
cLsouthwick at q.com

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