[Tweeters] Short-Eared Owl or Northern Harrier/Edie Rd/Stanwood

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The Owls and the Harriers like most predators, are opportunistic. They are going to feed when their food is most abundant even if it's just outside their normal hours. Harriers are not built for night flying or hunting, so it's unlikely they hunt too long after dusk.. however dusk remember in Washington is during short days so the need for longer hunting hours might drive some of this. As far as the Owls, their food in some places are more abundant during the daytime.. and often has a tidal influence. Where I used to watch and give tours on Fir Island, would be last high tide of the day.. regardless of that time.. as the water came in, the prey would have to come up from the logs and grass being an easy catch for the swift hunting owls.

In short, Short-eared owls are known to be diurnal during the high activity of their favorite food the voles.


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My experience from North Carolina is that the harriers feed in the day and settle down at dusk, then the owls come in and feed. However, I know owls also are seen during the day at Eide, which is rarely the case back east.

Phil Dickinson
Lake Stevens

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Does anyone know if Northern Harriers feed after dark? I was at mouth of the Stillaguamish this afternoon and evening. From 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM I saw several pairs of NHs working the marsh between Eide Rd and the other side of the 532 bridge. Too far off for me to confidently ID I thought I saw 1-2 short-eared owls. I left and came back at 7:30 PM. I had a strong Led bike light and with me, and for about 5 seconds, saw either an owl or NH hunting low over the marsh. If NHs don't feed at night, then it was likely a SEO.

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