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Sun Oct 23 12:40:24 PDT 2016

Hello Tweeters! It has been so great to meet so many of you this past week and put a face with a name. I was just over at Butler's Motel to watch the feeders and Nancy gave me a flyer invitation to a Birds and Birdwatchers birthday party. She asked if someone would be kind enough to post it on here for her so I offered to give the details. Nov. 5th is Nancy's 70th birthday and she plans to make a suet and seed cake for the birds and a carrot cake for the Birdwatchers. Time is 1pm Nov. 5th at Butler's Motel in Neah Bay. She says no gifts for her but if you want to bring a present for the birds to feel free. She really does go through a ton of seed! I think she just enjoys meeting the birding community and it seems very sweet that she wants to share her birthday with us and the birds. There are flyers at the motel and she gave me extra copies as well.
As a note, I only stayed a few minutes but did not see the grosbeak and it seems the dickcissel either moved to Adrienne's house or moves between the feeders. Scott and I saw the dickcissel at Adrienne's house yesterday, October 22 on the ground beneath her feeders with Fox sparrow, towhees, red winged blackbirds and others. There has been 3 tropical kingbirds on the wires along the main road today, Oct. 23 near Linda's Pizza. I am sad to be nearing the end of my time out here and am so glad that some VERY cool Birds chose to swing by and say hello. Oh, I also saw my FOS snow geese in the harbor today, two of them. Feel free to contact me with any questions!
Hope Anderson
Neah bay, soon to be back in Renton
Hopea1994 at aol.com

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