[Tweeters] Snoqualmie Valley Great Egret

hank.heiberg hank.heiberg at gmail.com
Fri Oct 21 19:01:39 PDT 2016

Via a very circuitous route, Karen and I viewed a Great Egret in the Snoqualmie Valley this evening at 5:45 about 1/4 mile north of the stoplight at the intersection of NE 124th Street and West Snoqualmie Valley Road. It was on the east side of West Snoqualmie Valley Road in shallow flood waters. West Snoqualmie Valley Road is heavily travelled with no shoulder and cars going 50 mph so there is no stopping, but we pulled over at a driveway and waited until there was no traffic so that we could drive by the egret at a slightly slower speed.

This morning a birder at Tolt-MacDonald park first told us that he had seen a Great Egret south of NE 124th hear the stoplight. We looked and couldn't find it. We later told Vickie Scales about it. She found it and e-mailed us. We went back and found it where she had seen it.

Hank Heiberg
Lake Joy
Carnation, WA

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