[Tweeters] Bird Song in the fall?

Devon Comstock devonc78 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 13:06:30 PDT 2016

Yes Carol, you nailed it. Autumunal recrudescence. There was a thread a few
months back on it. Not only birds are affected by it, but some mammals and
plants too. The similar photoperiod/temperatures to the spring seems to
stimulate mating behaviors.

On Oct 19, 2016 12:45 PM, "Carol Schulz" <carol.schulz50 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Folks:


> After reading a msg this morning about Pacific Wrens singing in the fall,

> I thought about the term (I think) Autumnal Recrudescence... Or

> something. It is an ornithological word for bird song behavior in the fall

> because the length of daylight is similar to that in spring.


> I feel bad that I can't remember the word, or know where to look it up.

> Can anyone answer about this question about bird song?


> Yours, Carol Schulz


> Des Moines


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