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Forgot to mention a late Caspian Tern at North Cove on the way to Tokeland.

Randy Hill


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Back from a too-quick route that included Hoquiam, Bottle Beach, Westport,
Grayland/Midway Beach, and Tokeland Monday, and Oysterville, Cape
Disappointment/N Jetty and Ilwaco Tuesday morning, returning on SR4 early
yesterday afternoon. I didn't read the tide table very well and struggled
with knee boots when chest waders were more appropriate. A little late at
Bottle Beach and I didn't know how to judge the 11+ tide for accessability,
or where to go when the tide was as high as I have experienced out there.
For instance, where do Snowy Plovers go when most of the beach and their
inner dune areas are under water?

A few notes of interest:

Red Phalarope at 4 stops in groups of 3 at: Westhaven SP in the pond south
of the parking area; Midway Beach on the "lake" directly west of the gate;
Ilwaco on bay shore just SW of the marina and a single along the east shore
of the marina.

Bar-tailed Godwit seen briefly at the usual Float 21 site, but difficult to
line up for a clear view with all the Marbled Godwits in the way and boats

Red Knot: two barely above water with Dunlin and BB Plovers approaching Bay

Finding the Grays River floodplain covered with water and 20 Greater
Yellowlegs in one small pasture along SR4, I ventured out toward
Altoona/Pigeon Bluff and found what are probably expected species in
Wahkiakum County at this time of year including Pelagic Cormorant, 10+
Common Loons in close, one White-winged Scoter among 200+ Surf Scoters, 500+
Greater Scaup.

One last stop at the WTP at the west end of Longview. No Red Phalaropes
there but one Canvasback in the far eastern pond.

Randy Hill


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