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dall's porpoise is a frequent visitor to lime kiln point -- i know i've
seen them there while on whale watching trips, and we weren't more than 100
metres off-shore...

big cats are going to be difficult, as (1) they aren't around in huge
numbers, (2) they have large territories, (3) usually reluctant to approach
humans, and (4) aren't they mostly nocturnal? i know bobcat has been seen
around marymoor, and i've heard of a visiting puma from time to time around
sammamish, but it's rare...

nutria? juanita bay park used to have more than a few, as did UBNA, seward
park, and foster island...

00 caren
george davis creek, north fork

On Sat, Oct 15, 2016 at 9:28 AM, <sremse at comcast.net> wrote:

> Hi All,

> I'm in the throes of a Mammal Big Year and would appreciate any help in

> seeing some of the species missing from my list. I'm probably limited to

> western Washington due to time and budget constraints, although southern

> B.C. is possible. Here are my want to see species:


> Dall's Porpoise: Nearly impossible from shore and the Keystone/Port

> Townsend Ferry hasn't panned out for me.

> Common Dolphins: Tried the South Sound twice but was thwarted by lack of

> public access.

> Both of the big cats: Long shot at best!

> Both skunks: Western Spotted would be a lifer.

> Marten: I've been fortunate with the weasel family: Long-tailed Weasel,

> Mink, River Otter, Sea Otter.

> Short-tailed Weasel: The only one I've ever seen in Washington was long

> ago at Longmire. Saw them often in Alaska.

> No. Fur Seal: Is there a place on the outer coast where a person with a

> spotting scope can observe them from shore?

> Red Fox: The park service "removed" the Cascade Red Foxes from the

> Paradise area of Mt. Rainier.

> Nutria: Anyplace north of Ridgefield? I once saw one near Snohomish but

> can't remember where.

> Porcupine: Only one I've seen In western Wa. was near Bedal Creek, Mt.

> Loop Hwy.

> NW. Deer Mouse: AKA Keen's Mouse, Peromyscus keeni. I have Deer Mouse, P.

> maniculatus

> Any vole other than Townsend's or Creeping: Would need expert help to

> identify.

> No. Flying Squirrel: I've been out 7 times with no luck.

> Western Gray Squirrel: Can they be found at Scatter Creek?

> Western Pocket Gopher: I saw one at Nisqually 20 years ago. Are they still

> present?

> American Shrew Mole or Townsend's Mole: I have Coast Mole.

> Any shrew other than Vagrant: Would need expert to identify.


> Everything else is probably hibernating or already on my list. Any help

> you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Reply to my home email,

> please. A guided birding trip on central and north Whidbey for anyone

> getting me onto on eof these species!

> Steve Ellis

> sremse at comcast.net

> Coupeville, Wa







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