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Some time ago I asked if anyone knew anything about birding in Portugal.
Now we have been and I thought I would report on it since someone asked and
I don't recall who.
We only birded in the south along the Algarve. One day in the areas
around Faro (lagoons and wetlands and some forest) and another day in the
direction around Sagres (the cape). We had a great guide and a great time.
We saw 100 birds - many new to us and some birds that we had seen in
Scotland in May (also a great trip). But now they were migrating south.
At the time we went, there was the raptor migration. The clever raptors
with experience would go directly to Gibralter for an easy crossing but the
inexperienced would investigate the cape and circle that area for a while
while looking for how to get out.
Our guide was awesome:

Very dedicated to finding the birds for you and extremely knowledgeable.

You can also bird around the estuaries near Lisbon but Georg suggested that
we would likely not see anything new there.

The north of Portugal does not see to be set up for birding and guiding.
Though it would be nice.

Kind chirps -


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