[Tweeters] Post Storm Risks

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 14 11:20:31 PDT 2016

This is intended to add a personal experience to comments by others on safety questions:  two years ago I was at Neah Bay as a storm was developing - much weaker than the one that MAY be ahead.  I was tempted to overfstay the preplanned visit and see what happened but I had to get home so I headed back to Edmonds.  As I negotiated one of the many turns maybe 5 or so miles east of Neah Bay in heavy rain and relatively heavy (but not scary) wind, a tree blew down about 200 yards ahead of me.  The diameter of the tree was maybe 8 inches so not a biggie; but it completely blocked the road.  Had I been a few seconds earlier or a bit faster, it would have hit my car.  It did not and there was no harm done -- I was fortunate.  But the way home was blocked unless/until the tree could be removed.
The tree was just small enough that using a tow rope that I keep in the car, I was able to pull it far enough off the road to be able to get by and clear the path for others who might be coming or going.  I reported the situation to DOT when I got phone reception.  
Again no harm done AND this kind of thing can happen even in relatively mild conditions but the odds certainly increase the greater the wind velocity and amount of rain.  As many of you know and as many of you have alos experienced, I have also had tire or car troubles sometimes in fairly remote places.  I now always carry a tow rope and at least some survival gear: extra food, water, candles, matches, rain gear, extra clothing - just in case.
Be careful out there. I may head to Neah Bay - but not until AFTER the storm...

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