[Tweeters] Post Storm Birding

mary hrudkaj mch1096 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 14 10:47:36 PDT 2016

Being a birder I understand one's desire to seek out lost birds blown in by the coming storm. But, having worked in a profession that dealt with people in disaster situation and the aftermath thereof I would ask you to not go out to the coast for 3-4 days after the event is over. Emergency personnel will have their hands full dealing with the local residents and their needs. Having 'tourists' of any kind, ie: birders, surfers, surf watchers, etc, makes emergency workers' jobs so much more difficult and dangerous.

There's a reason the east coast states warned everyone to evacuate the coastal areas when Hurricane Matthew was there last week. We need to take heed of their misfortune. Let's get out our common sense manual and look it over before heading to a potential disaster area.

Enough said.

Mary Hrudkaj


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