[Tweeters] red color in birds -- nature or nurture?

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hello everyone,

some of you may recall that i have a particular passion for plumage
pigments and how they affect behavior, ecology and evolution of birds. for
example, i wrote a reasonably popular piece about how birds became red:


and i followed that up with a piece describing the weird (ironic?) origins
of the "redness gene" and the many cool things it shows us about evolution:


an elegant study was published today that also explores the nature of red
plumage pigments, this time in northern (red-shafted & yellow-shafted)
flickers. the paper is just so beautiful, so inspirationally elegant that
it still has me thinking about all the possibilities for behavior, ecology,
evolution (especially taxonomy!), in this familiar species complex:


oh, and don't forget implications for birding!


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