[Tweeters] 1. Hermit Thrush: Okay! (Josh Hayes)

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Tue Oct 11 18:55:10 PDT 2016

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I hope you would consider adding either stickers, decals or window screening specifically designed to prevent bird strikes. In particular, I feel the window screening has been most effective- we have not had one single window strike ever since.

Glad to hear the bird was okay.

Ruth Mano


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Subject: [Tweeters] Hermit Thrush: Okay!
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My wife tells me that after an hour of quiet in a box in the kitchen to warm up, she took the bird outside and it flew to the railing, stood around for a moment, and flew off. Happy ending! A new yard bird, and it survived the experience!

It's odd how many yard birds we've seen only once, from window strikes: Swainson's thrush comes to mind. My first orange-crowned warbler was also a window strike, although we've seen plenty since then. Huh.

Thanks for all the info, though!

Josh Hayes in suddenly sunny Education Hill
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