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I agree with Jennifer. My wife is from Hawaii and the last time we visited the big island, Hawaii Forest and Trail was recommended to us. They have special permits to get into closed forest areas high on the volcano, and the guide we had was extremely knowledgeable. We found - visually, not just hearing - every of the big island endemic species. A Hawaii bird guide book is good to have as a backup of course, as there are a lot of common (and a few not so common) introduced, non-native species to be found. One of the things that is always odd for us PNW birders is all that ocean with no seagulls.

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Hawaii Forest and Trail is amazing. The guides are very knowledgeable. When we took their tour the guide located every endemic species for us. There is also a Hawaii Birdwatching Facebook group that might offer other suggestions. Enjoy your trip!

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My first visit there will be in January, along with my husband and two friends. Any recommendations for guides? A friend suggested a company called Hawaii Forest & Trail, but I thought Tweeters might have additional suggestions.

Thanks much. I ’d suggest replying off line, but truly, I think everyone appreciates this information. I know it always interests me.


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