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2 weeks ago I had my first sighting of a scrub jay at Federal Center South along East Marginal Way just south of the West Seattle Bridge. I have been walking the site regularly for the last 3 years and I was expecting that eventually they would find the Duwamish Industrial area.

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Stewart and all,
No, I am not referring to the intensive cleaning of my car following recent trips to beautiful, dusty Chelan and Bethel Ridges.

We had an adult Scrub Jay feeding on our deck, Mercer Island, Monday, September 12th at 2:25 PM for about five minutes.
In the past five years, we have had one sighting each year in the spring and four one day/year sightings in the fall.
They always seem to be stopping by for a few bites, a chat and a "look around" before moving on.
We usually hear them before we see them. Have not seen them have any interactions with our resident Steller's jays. Always neat!

Dan Reiff

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With the Scrub Jays increasingly being seen in Seattle, I wasn't sure if my sighting of another Scrub Jay in Seattle was worth a posting, but since Dennis started the discussion, I will add my sighting. On Friday, September 30th in the late afternoon I saw my first Scrub Jay, within a block of my apartment (we could call it a new "yard bird" for me) in West Seattle at 42nd Ave SW and SW Edmunds St.. The bird I saw was also an immature and I too suspected it was in a dispersal wandering mode. I know that Scrub Jays are now a regular feature nesting in Georgetown, at the south end of Seattle, north of Boeing Field, and I have had recent reports of them in White Center, at the south end of West Seattle. I would be interested in knowing where else they are now being seen within Seattle and to the north of Seattle.

Stewart Wechsler
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Hello, tweets.

Yesterday (10/1) a California Scrub-Jay spent about an hour in our yard, fed from a seed feeder and took away a few peanuts that we threw to it, presumably to eat rather than cache. It must have been used to that, as it didn’t flinch when we opened the window and tossed out the peanuts. The only thing that flinched was the Steller’s Jay that hangs around constantly, and the two had a little tiff. But the scrub-jay got the peanut and came back later and got another one, so it wasn’t totally intimidated. It hasn’t been back, and I presume it is an immature in dispersal mode for the fall, perhaps seeking other scrub-jays. Anyway, it was a long-expected but no less exciting new bird for the yard.
Dennis Paulson
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