[Tweeters] more Turkey Vultures over Seattle

Dennis Paulson dennispaulson at comcast.net
Mon Oct 3 12:33:49 PDT 2016

Hello, tweets.

This morning at about 9:30 am, Netta Smith and I were heading east on NE 98th St. at Lake City Way and saw three Turkey Vultures in the distance just over the street, appeared to be rising from a roost. We lost sight of them but headed east and turned south at 95th and 35th, then caught sight of them again and realized there were 10 of them gaining altitude and heading south in a straggly line as fast as they could, flapping and sailing against a light southerly wind. We followed them down 30th Ave. NE (driving safely, of course) and turned west on NE 55th St. to watch them disappear, very high in the air by now, south over the UW campus. Very cool way to start a drive down to South Lake Union.

Dennis Paulson

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