[Tweeters] Discover Park - A September to Remember - Passing 200 park birds

Jordan Gunn uwjag21 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 09:44:56 PDT 2016


September was pretty good at Discovery Park this year, with 146 species
logged in eBird, and an additional species that did not make it to eBird
(Virginia Rail). The full September 2016 eBird list can be accessed here:

The park had what I feel was great coverage from the get-go due to the
Grenon/Hildie Northern Waterthrush seen by many at Utah Wetlands late

West point was particularly productive:

Yellow-billed Loon - September 7th

Pectoral Sandpiper - September 12th - very good bird for Disco

Cassin's Auklet - many reports

Sabine's Gull - September 13

Ancient Murrelet - September 14 - a couple Washington breeders perhaps?

Long-tailed Duck - September 20 early

Red Phalarope - September 24

Common Ravens have been around most of the year. September had sightings of
both marsh rails (Virginia Rail and Sora within a week seen by Ruth Mynar),
a fall Say's Phoebe, Nashville and MacGillivray's Warblers, and several
good shorebird species.

In other Disco birder news, sadly the park will no longer be frequented by
Evan Houston (now finding rarities in rural Pennsylvania) and Jason
Vassallo (central California coast - where the birds are just okay...) But
we've recently (re)gained Matt Dufort and if Spencer Hildie continues to
bird the park, more great birds should be seen.

On a personal note, this year I passed 200 park birds with a Eurasian
Wigeon in May - a fun goal I set for myself a few years ago. I am now at
209 after a Sabine's Gull yesterday. I know there are other members of the
Disco 200 club including David Hutchinson, but sadly most of the sightings
are not in eBird - I would love to hear from those who have over 200,
either privately or on Tweeters, the good birds seen (Eurasian Hobby
anyone?), nemesis birds etc.

Good birding,

--Jordan Gunn
Shoreline, WA
uwjag21 at gmail dot com
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