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Stewart Wechsler ecostewart at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 12:51:42 PDT 2016

With the Scrub Jays increasingly being seen in Seattle, I wasn't sure if my
sighting of another Scrub Jay in Seattle was worth a posting, but since
Dennis started the discussion, I will add my sighting. On Friday,
September 30th in the late afternoon I saw my first Scrub Jay, within a
block of my apartment (we could call it a new "yard bird" for me) in West
Seattle at 42nd Ave SW and SW Edmunds St.. The bird I saw was also an
immature and I too suspected it was in a dispersal wandering mode. I know
that Scrub Jays are now a regular feature nesting in Georgetown, at the
south end of Seattle, north of Boeing Field, and I have had recent reports
of them in White Center, at the south end of West Seattle. I would be
interested in knowing where else they are now being seen within Seattle and
to the north of Seattle.

Stewart Wechsler
West Seattle

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> Hello, tweets.


> Yesterday (10/1) a California Scrub-Jay spent about an hour in our yard,

> fed from a seed feeder and took away a few peanuts that we threw to it,

> presumably to eat rather than cache. It must have been used to that, as it

> didn’t flinch when we opened the window and tossed out the peanuts. The

> only thing that flinched was the Steller’s Jay that hangs around

> constantly, and the two had a little tiff. But the scrub-jay got the peanut

> and came back later and got another one, so it wasn’t totally intimidated.

> It hasn’t been back, and I presume it is an immature in dispersal mode for

> the fall, perhaps seeking other scrub-jays. Anyway, it was a long-expected

> but no less exciting new bird for the yard.

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> Dennis Paulson

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