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Piebalding in deer, and probably other animals, is quite often a sign of inbreeding.

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Michelle, hi ... not all that common but they pop up ... if you google "leucistic deer" or "piebald deer" you'll see some interesting markings ...

was it this guy ??? ... we saw him in January on Hillhurst between River S and the main road ...



Lyn Topinka
Vancouver, Wa,

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My trip today to the Ridgefield Carty Unity yielded no unusual sightings. I saw Western Jays, Great Egrets, a Bewick's wren, two Downey woodpeckers, and many chickadees, as well as some geese and five Sandhill Cranes flying southward. But as I was leaving downtown Ridgefield on Pioneer, before the section where the road collapsed last winter, a deer ran into the road ahead of the car. First thought, "Deer, probably black-tailed." Second thought, " Dang, is that a goat?" It was a smallish deer, dark gray except for huge white spots on its body, like piebald coloring on a goat. Then it turned around and I could see it clearly, it was a deer. It bounded back the direction it came, across someone's lawn and into the woods. I've never seen anything like it before. Is this common?

Michelle Maani
Salmon Creek, WA

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