[Tweeters] Acorn Woodpecker off Balch Road and other birds today...

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 30 20:31:13 PDT 2016

Although the responses to my inquiry on Tweeters about recent Acorn Woodpecker sightings were mixed at best, in a fit of madness today I added a trip to the Balch Lake area in Lyle/Klickitat County to what started as a trip first to finally get a photo of a Hermit Warbler at Rainbow Falls and to go see the Monk Parakeets that are in Yacolt.  It was a VERY LONG day - but a good one.  Will write a blog entry on the day and post it later but way too tired right now.  Just want to share that I was able to locate (and photograph albeit at distance) 3 Acorn Woodpeckers just off Balch Road and north of the lake.  There were very near a red house along Tuthill Road which runs uphill to north of the bend on Balch Road.  I believe this is the same place Wilson Cady had one or more earlier this year.  They mostly flew between large oak trees on both sides of the road - generally perched out of sight and/or very high in the trees making a photo almost impossible.  Coordinates Tuthill Rd - 45.722x-121.324
There are also numerous paired Ash Throated Flycatchers in the area and I found some Lesser Goldfinches not too far away.  I was gray at Rainbow Falls but numerous Hermit Warblers were singing and I finally got a grainy photo of one.  The Monk Parakeets cooperated in Yacolt - large stick nest in grassy area behind 508 Hubbard Road - awesome birds.
Some photos at:  https://goo.gl/photos/bystJr765ePY9Zy4A

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