[Tweeters] American White Pelicans and a mystery bird

Jean Ashby jeanash66 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 14:15:10 PDT 2016

For what it's worth - I scoped the pelicans from Padilla Bay NERR on
Monday, and over 90 were sitting quietly on a mudflat near the Swinomish
Casino. Again scoping from Padilla Bay on Tuesday I noted the pelicans were
constantly flying and had moved away from the north end of the Swinomish
Channel and were further north. One Wednesday I went to the Swinomish
Casino and up on the dike, hoping to get a better look. No pelicans to be
seen, but loud fireworks from the nearby Fireworks stand were happening
every ten minutes or so. I wonder if the increasing noise and activity at
the Casino might have sent them north to the San Juans and Vancouver Island.
Also birding today at Debay Slough I heard a bird that I could never get a
good look at. It was very high up, sang a loud, warbling, varied song
nonstop for the two hours I was there. My brief looks were of a very small
bird which was in constant motion at the top of the canopy. It seemed to
have a pale or white chest, but that's about all I could see. I have
listened to all the distinctive vireo, thrush and warbler songs on All
About Birds website and nothing seemed to match. Any suggestions for a
better website, or bird to check out? Thank you.
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