[Tweeters] Indigo Bunting Follow-up

Faye McAdams Hands zest4parus at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 29 17:24:48 PDT 2016

Today while Diane and I were waiting for the Indigo Bunting previously reported at Randle to show itself (heard continuously), we chatted with one of the fellows that was doing the logging on the hill behind the barn on Peters Road. He was quite friendly and interested to hear about the bird we were hearing and looking for.
He said that it is his son's land, and when shown the picture of the bird on my Sibley app, he immediately said that he has seen that bird there "for the last few summers." He truly seemed to recognize this bird, and saw it as something other than the Barn Swallows that were well represented in that area.
I don't believe that Peters Road in Randle has been an historic Hotspot on eBird, :-) so it is interesting to wonder what else we are missing by not poking around in previously unbirded areas?
People are friendly there, but not much room to pull off the road. A Sheriff went by shortly after our arrival, and asked if we needed help. When I told him that we were looking for a bird, he merely smiled and said Good Luck, but did not give any lectures or warnings about blocking traffic.
A friendly community.
Happy Birding,

Faye McAdams Hands
zest4parus at hotmail.com
Belfair, WA

"Life is simple - eat, sleep, bird."

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