[Tweeters] Birds dieing

Sammy Catiis Hikersammy at msn.com
Tue Jun 28 22:43:50 PDT 2016

Hey everyone..

Looking for any info or others with this problem in the greater Arlington Area..

My neighbor has found many small birds dead in her yard the past few weeks.. continuing. On top of that 4 dead chickens. I told her to remove her feeders at once.. keep down for a few weeks and then bleach and put up. She was worried now that she did something, but I assured her it could be from anywhere and ending up there. And the chickens are kept in a pen.. so worried this could be much more.. Other than contacting Fish and Wildlife.. (already contacted) for possible bird flu outbreak, does anyone else know who to contact or anything else that should be done? Seems like a few years back, they were wanting people to report this.

Thanks for any other help..

An addition that is probably coincidence, a young Bald Eagle was sitting on a duck in their yard, but it didn't take the duck, just sat there and then flew off. I think this was probably just coincidence, and the eagle was scared off.. her husband thought maybe the bird was practicing, but I assured her that would not be the case, and besides, that doesn't still answer the chickens in the coop. It would be hard to believe that the little birds and chickens were all coincidental. Many things can of course have killed the chickens, but no signs of trauma. Same with the birds. And the little birds are throughout her acreage, not just one place.


Thanks for any thoughts,


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