[Tweeters] Fooled Again

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Mon Jun 27 20:33:25 PDT 2016

The english rock band The Who famously stated "Won't get Fooled Again" in a song, which I listened to about 1000 times in my younger years. That's nice for The Who. As for me, I get fooled all the time.
One bird that plays me for a sucker on a regular basis is the Bewicks Wren - it's song is highly variable I've found - and late afternoon yesterday on a walk up and all over Fort Wordens "Artillery Hill" (currently unarmed) here in Port Townsend, I heard many - Bewicks Wrens love the place. I was stumped, several times, hearing what I thought were cool new birds! About to make a great observational splash on Tweeters! Nope they were all Bewicks as it turned out. But thats OK, because I like those birds, even if they fool me all the time with their singing.
The hill was alive with birdsong; the loud rushed warble of the Purple Finches, all those darn Bewicks Wrens, whining and trilling Towhee's, Robins belting out their tune, and the delicious sound of singing Swainson's thrushes. Very nice. There was more.
Near the end of my loop around the hill, near the parking area, I was suddenly accosted by loud scolding from the base of a shrub. "Sounds like a Wren" I thought, but leery after flubbing my Bewicks ID's, I wasn't quite sure at first what they were, but the buzzy scolding seemed like a House Wren, and indeed they were - a pair. I've seen House Wrens here, on the south side of the hill on several occasions.
So, no live ammo on Artillery Hill anymore. But they do have two big howitzer (or whatever) shells parked out in front of the Park main office. With tips painted pink they look like giant lipstick applicators. I'm kinda thinking that a war armed with lipstick would be more fun than getting blown up. I could be wrong - I don't use lipstick myself- but at the least it would be a lot quieter.
Just sayin'Jeff GibsonPort Townsend Wa

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