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Will McPhail butcherbird2013 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 12:41:40 PDT 2016

Hi Washington Birders,

I’m a DC-based birder who will be visiting Washington state from July 9th
until the 19th. While the primary focus of this trip won’t birding I’m sure
to have some free time available, both while enjoying the outdoors in
general (hiking and sightseeing) and to chase a few specialties. I’ll have
day or two free in the Seattle area and we have a 2 night camping trip
planned on Mount Rainer. We also plan to spend 2 days in the Olympic
Peninsula (open to recommendations) and we’ll be making a trip out to the
Gorge Amphitheater in Grant Country on the Columbia River.

I’ve been to Washington on two occasions, once on a dedicated birding trip,
but there are a few species I have left to find. I’ve been exploring data
on e-bird but would love an addional tips or info on finding the following

· *Red-breasted Sapsucker* – this is my best bet in terms of
lifers. Can anyone recommend any good locations? I’ll be staying in

· *Grey-crowned Rosy Finch* – do I have a shot at this while at
Mount Rainier? We’ll be camping at Longmire campground and conducting a
meadow watch wildflower survey with some friends.

· *Northern Pygmy Owl* – same comments as above. While I appreciate
the sensitivity of any info, I would certainly welcome details or pointers
to locate this species.

· *Brandt’s Cormorant* – might this be possible in this region this
time of year? We’re not 100% that we’ll get all the way to the coast, but
I'd love to know if anyone has any suggestions.

· *White-headed Woodpecker* – as I mentioned we’ll be passing
through the eastern side of the Cascades. Does anyone know or anywhere off
highway 90 between the mountains and the Columbia River to possibly find
this species? I’ve struck out the few times in the past I’ve tried to
located WHWO.

Then there are a few “long-shot” species that I thought I’d mention in case
I’m mistaken. These all seems like tough or localized species but kindly
let me know if I do have a chance with any of these in the locations that
I’ve noted: Franklin’s Gull, Grey Partridge, Tricolored Blackbird (any
locations for these 3 species east of the Cascades?); Mountain Quail
(islands west of sound?); and Surfbird, Rock Sandpiper (do small numbers of
either of these species over summer?).

Feel free to e-mail me directly if you prefer not to share responses over
the listserv: butcherbird2013 at gmail.com. Thanks in advance to everyone and
I’m excited to get out to Washington to explore your state!

All the best,

Will McPhail
Washington, DC
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