[Tweeters] Re: Great horned

Elizabeth Moncrief l.moncrief at me.com
Sun Jun 26 15:00:28 PDT 2016

Thanks all for your speedy ID-ing of the great horned owl primary feather. I too have one, not from a high or unusual elevation - In my driveway in Skagit Valley. We've seen them here but not close enough to be able to recognize feathers. Mine is exactly like the other. And thanks too for the feather websites. These help a lot for everything else that I get here.

I have a B Eagles nest with 2 young that will start branching soon. I occasionally find flight feathers from the adults, so if you know a biologist interested to have them, let me know (so long as they are 'certified' to collect. Otherwise they are left where they lay.
Liz - a fairly new transplant to WA


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