[Tweeters] update Wa birding trip progress

Roland van der Vliet rollie_nl at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 26 13:55:02 PDT 2016

Dear Tweeters,Some folks suggested that I should give updates on how I go during my trip to Washington state. You may remember me asking for specific info on certain species that would be lifers for me, and for specific sites on birding the Olympic peninsula. Because preparation of your (birding) trip is half the fun, I thought I share how my preparation goed as well.
Well, your response was great. First, any recommendation for a bird finding guide concerned the ABA-guide. Without hesitation, I ordered my copy and I expect it to arrive before I leave (although I haven't received it yet). Second, several websites were suggest to me to explore, including e-bird and especially the dashboard function. Very helpful indeed. I also joined t Facebook groups for western WA and inland WA and introduced myself.
I am now convinced that I should visit both Mt Rainier and several sites in the Olympic peninsula to maximize my chances. Having said that, I struggle to find reliable sites for especially Western screech-owl and Northern pygmy-owl (and I forgot that one in my previous posting...). Also, my knowledge on where to find the eastern specialities Tricoloured Blackbird, White-headed Woodpecker, Flammulated Owl and Sagebrush Sparrow is still quite limited. But I will keep digging and hopefully my bird-finding guide will tell me the way! 
So far your help has been excellent and I thank all who responded or post regularly on this group.All the best from the Netherlands,Roland van der Vliet

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