[Tweeters] join me (or tell me who can) in Brazil, like, soon! (for birds)

pan panmail at fastmail.fm
Fri Jun 24 21:39:56 PDT 2016

Hey, Tweets,

Apologies for being somewhat off target, but a buddy of mine got word
from his crack northeastern Brazil guide of an open space. I responded
right away, but it was already taken. However, he's offered an earlier
tour for two I could make, but it needs one more person. If you know
anyone with the time and drive (and money) to go July 23-Aug. 5, please
encourage them to contact me right away. Even after a dozen trips to
South America, two to Brazil, this looks like around 100 possible new
for me (!), including the super-local and striking Araripe Manakin and
Indigo (Lear's) Macaw. Seven-colored Tanager. (And all those
Furnariids and such.)

Because of the Olympics, no visa is required for citizens of Australia,
Canada, Japan, or the U. S. A. (usually lots of money and
inconvenience). Now's the time.

Those who know me will recognize I wouldn't be so enthusiastic if the
price wasn't reasonable. Please feel free to forward to help make this

Closer to home, I did get to see the Magnuson Park (Seattle) Eastern
Kingbird this afternoon around 5:30, flycatching around the pond nearest
the shore.

24 June, 2016,

Alan Grenon
(off to NE and AR June 28-July 21)
panmail at fastmail.fm

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