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To add to the discussion of shorebirds returning from the north in June, on our 3 Crabs bird survey this morning (6/24/16) there was one Greater Yellowlegs, a nice flock of over 100 adult Western Sandpipers, and a bright rufous dowitcher, all joining the remaining Black-bellied Plovers and Black Oystercatchers. They're back…!

Bob Boekelheide

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Subject: [Tweeters] Re: [BirdYak] Greater Yellow Legs at costco pond???
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“Welcome to the fall migration” as Dennis Paulson commented on sighting of a Greater Yellowlegs about this date back in the early 1990s on Muskrat Lake in the Okanogan Highlands. The event was a WOS conference fieldtrip out of Okanogan. Adults of this species forsake their boreal breeding haunts towards the end of June and begin their southbound migration. I believe I heard of a report as far south as southwestern Arizona a day or two ago.

I know it seems like the northbound spring migration just ended with arrival of Common Nighthawks and Red-eyed Vireos hereabouts just three weeks ago and now we’re seeing birds headed southbound with a male Rufous Hummingbird mid last week and now this Greater Yellowlegs. The passing of the seasons does indeed seem to fly.

Andy Stepniewski
Wapato WA
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Subject: [BirdYak] Greater Yellow Legs at costco pond???

In addition to the adorable little Coot babies, I think we just saw a Greater Yellowlegs at the Yakima Costco pond. I know it's out of range for this time of year. Has anyone else seen it or would anyone like to try and reconfirm?


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