[Tweeters] Lewis's Woodpeckers and Cooper's Hawk

Don McVay dmcvay at peak.org
Fri Jun 24 14:49:58 PDT 2016

Hi Tweets,

We took a trip through the Yakima Canyon and over to Fort Simcoe, on the Yakama Indian Nation Reservation, to see the Lewis's Woodpeckers nesting. Notable birds in the canyon were Yellow-breasted Chat, Lazuli Buntiing and Common Nighthawks. At Fort Simcoe the Lewis's Woodpeckers were very abundant, actively catching insects and feeding their young in nesting holes in the grove of Garry Oaks around the old fort. The woodpeckers were circling above the oaks like flycatchers hawking flying insects. Of course they were also feeding on acorns.

In Seattle, in Rodgers Park, the nesting Cooper's Hawk's young have hatched, are eating various birds and rodents that the parent brings. It seems that one parent is feeding the young and we wonder if only the female takes care of brooding and feeding the young?

Don and Sandi
dmcvay at peak.org
Queen Anne

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