[Tweeters] Northern Pygmy owls or great gray owls in Okanogan County?

Emily Birchman stollea at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 15:58:01 PDT 2016

Hi all,

I missed the Northern Pygmy Owl that was at Tolt Macdonald park in
Carnation earlier this year, so am still hoping to see this species someday
if possible (would be a very special lifer bird for me)! My husband and I
are headed to Winthrop for our anniversary this weekend. I looked at Ebird
but didn't see any recent sightings of N. Pygmy owl on it near Winthrop.
I'd also love to see a Great Gray, but figure that's probably even less
likely. Birdweb.org shows both as being year-round residents, though I
imagine this time of year it's harder to see either given how leafy all the
(deciduous) trees are.

Nevertheless, I'm wondering if anyone has some good suggestions for where
to look somewhere in the general vicinity of Winthrop/Twisp? We can drive a
ways from there if needed, but probably wouldn't want to travel more than
an hour from the area. In the past, we've looked at Beaver Pond near
Winthrop - twice, actually, as it was listed as a good place for Pygmy
Owls, but never saw them there.

Any suggestions would be most helpful! Thanks!

Emily Birchman
Kenmore, WA
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