[Tweeters] Owl calls near M. Bch.

Barbara Deihl barbdeihl at comcast.net
Wed Jun 22 12:57:24 PDT 2016

Karen & Tweets,

The calls that Barred Owls make Include a few other than the "Who cooks for you, etc." , and i hear Barreds calling at my place up near 103rd & Sand Point Way many a night (also at 2 a.m. or thereabouts). They definitely nest down near the park. 2 nights ago, as I was driving from Magnuson northward, at about 9:30 p.m., I saw a Barred flying toward the Burke-Gilman trail, across S.P. Wy. As for Long-eared Owls, it is less likely that you would have heard one of them, but not impossible - there have been occasional Longears at Magnuson over the years - see if you can find a source or 2 that has more than one Barred Owl call - like the Cornell site and then keep listening - if there is a Barred Owl nest, there will soon be young out and about in the trees, hissing away for food ! They are a treat to watch - you can see them during the day as well as in the evening.

Good luck and hope this helps a bit.

Barb Deihl
Matthews Beach Neighborhood - NE Seattle
barbdeihl at comcast.net

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