[Tweeters] Owl calling at Matthews Beach, Seattle

Karen Stephens 1917ks at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 02:43:34 PDT 2016

I've lived in Matthew's beach area for over 25 yrs and never heard an owl
until now (2am. Wed morning). It seemed very close as I heard it with my
windows closed. I opened a window to get a fix on the direction and it
seemed to come from the Thornton creek area at corner of 95th and Sand
Point WY. I listened for about 10 min to a soft single monotonous low hoot
that repeaed about every 10 secs or so.
I don't know owl calls so I got out the iPad to listen to calls of possible
suspects. I set the volume very low and and starting alphabetically
I played call of the barred owl to confirm it was not similar. I obviously
had the volume too loud because my local owl fell silent immediately. I
listened to other owl calls and thought it was most similar to that of the
long eared owl. I played that call periodically but never got a reply. I've
seen tweets from birders in this area; did anyone else hear this owl or
know of an owl in this area? What's the likelihood that it could be a long
So exciting! Now I'll never get to sleep; predict a rough day at work.

Karen Stephens
1917ks at gmail dot com

I want to paint the way a bird sings. Claude Monet
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