[Tweeters] Legality of feeding crows?

Sammy Catiis Hikersammy at msn.com
Mon Jun 20 11:11:07 PDT 2016

Although this is not true specifically, some city ordinances have rules in some areas not to feed the birds period. This is usually for 2 reasons of course, one to protect the animals such a parks from getting fed poor nutrition, you see many signs now in parks for ducks.. and the other is to keep from having or increasing a problem species.

I sure wouldn't worry a whole lot about it. Although I'm deadly allergic to Peanuts, I still feed them to my birds :D



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Hi, everyone. Today I encountered someone on the UW Campus who told me, "It's against the law" to feed peanuts to crows.

Does anyone know whether or not this is true?

Thanks much,
Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser
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