[Tweeters] American Redstart - Snoqualmie Pass

casey cunningham redpeelingbark at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 10:59:05 PDT 2016

Hello Tweeters,

There was a male American Redstart singing hard sunday about 100 yards from
the Gold Creek parking area near Snoqualmie Pass. It's where the trail
splits to go around the pond. It was there in the morning and again in the
afternoon. A light Swainson's Hawk also flew over the parking lot.

I visited Snoqualmie Falls Saturday night to look for black swifts. The
most I saw at once was 11, and a total of about 70 birds flew past between
730 and 1000. All but a couple were following the river upstream. I'm
guessing I was seeing the same birds making some big loop repeatedly, but
I'm not so familiar with this species... 3 single Vaux swifts passed among
them, and two or three nighthawks were also there.

Casey Cunningham
Portland, Oregon
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