[Tweeters] Chelan County Birding

Tim Brennan tsbrennan at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 17 17:06:35 PDT 2016

Hey all,

I've almost finished updating the Chelan county blog at www.chelancountybirding.blogspot.com. Two entries are in, but I still have to write up the third day. This one delivers everything I hope people have come to expect: extremely tardy posts, pictures of breakfast, and fuzzy pictures of birds. Should be heading out again in the next week, as school has... I think... Wrapped up for the year.

It was interesting to hit 100 species in a day, although I was pretty far from the areas that I felt I really should be visiting in Chelan County - the ones near Lake Chelan that we're dealing with fires last summer. I'll be seeing more of those areas in June.

I was sad to hear that Holden Village was not open for visitors, and the forest immediately around it is closed. That would have been a neat area to explore, but there's certainly no lack of new roads to hit in Chelan.

Happy birding!

Tim Brennan

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