[Tweeters] June Bird Census, Capehart Restoration Site, Discovery Park, Thursday 6/16/16

David Hutchinson florafaunabooks at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 17 15:23:34 PDT 2016

Jordan Gunn & I did this census together, with interesting results. The number of species recorded was the highest for any census month since started in April 2012. Please excuse any old taxonomy.

+ = breeding.

1 x Cooper's Hawk, hunting, prob male

1 x Merlin, hunting

1 x Band-tailed Pigeon

12 x Anna's Hummingbird + many birds of the year

1 x Rufous Hummingbird

3 x N. Flicker+, may have nested also in a bird box

1 x Willow Flycatcher+ fewer than habitat available

3 x Warbling Vireo+

5 x VG Swallow

1 x Cliff Swallow

1 x Tree Swallow+ Nest box opened by person unknown, hence abandoned. May re-nest elsewhere.

1 x Black-capped Chickadee

3 x Chestnut-backed Chickadee +

1 x Bewick's Wren +

2 x House Wren+ in box, rumors seen feeding young

10 x American Robin+ no Black-headed Grosbeak so far

3 x Cedar Waxwing+, seen gathering nesting material

4 x Orange-crowned Warbler+

1 x W. Tanager female

4 x Spotted Towhee +

15 x Savannah Sparrow+

3 x Song Sparrow+

12 x White-crowned Sparrow+ surely an under-estimate

17 x Dark-eyed Junco+

6 x Brown-headed Cowbird+ Happiness Is.

10 x House Finch+

15 x American Goldfinch+

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