[Tweeters] Fun Two Day Trip to Spokane and Pend Oreille - Part One - Seattle to Spokane

B B birder4184 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 17 12:52:12 PDT 2016

Itry to get to Calispell Lake every spring both because it is so beautiful andalso because it has great birds and others are possible at stops along the wayincluding near Spokane.  On Wednesday I headed east with a quick stop atthe Hyak hummingbird feeders (at least a half dozen were present despite itbeing very early) and then Bullfrog Pond which has become a favorite spot. AtBullfrog Pond the main goal was to find Gray Catbirds - done and photographed -and Veery (at least 4 but no photos).  All told 33 species wereseen/heard in y pleasant hour spent there.  Next was a disappointingstop at Potholes State Park - no Terns at all (but stay tuned). At LindCoulee there were almost no birds but two of them were my sought after Clark'sGrebes,TerryLittle is a great source for birds/areas in Spokane and environs and I followedan Ebird post of his to visit the Hawk Creek area in Lincoln Countywhere birds were plentiful including a che-bekking Least Flycatcher. Also in Lincoln County I birded 7 Mile Road a dependable place for GrasshopperSparrows (which cooperated and posed again). My next stop was Ames Lake – where I had numerous Black Terns lastyear.  There were at least 25 there onWednesday late afternoon (but NONE there the next afternoon). There may beanother way to do it, but I had to backtrack (to go west) along I-90 and stopon the shoulder to bird from the car. That was the last stop on Wednesday and I spent the night in a budgethotel outside of Spokane.  To becontinued in Part Two - North of Spokane and Back Home     Some pictures for both parts can be found at:

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