[Tweeters] Cheasty Greenbelt bird list

Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 16 22:02:15 PDT 2016

Hi all, Delia and I had a nice trip on June 11 Sat to CheastyGreenbelt  and I went back for a quickcheck today.  These are in the hopes ofestablishing a list of breeding birds or at least birds that are singing onterritory this season in Cheasty. (Cheasty is on Beacon Hill East of the Golf course.  It is wet deciduous forest except you’d neverknow it when you walk around kicking up dust during droughts such as thecurrent one and last year’s).  (Cheastyhas been the arena for disagreements over mtn. bike trail building). Cheasty bird list June 11, and June 16, 2016 1   American Crow  2.  Black-cappedChickadee3.  American Robin4. Bewick’s Wren5.  Spotted Towhee6.  Song Sparrow       (many and many singing of all these firstsix, except we didn't hear any Crows singing)7. Brown Creeper  (more than one, singing)8  Violet-greenSwallows  (there seems to be a colonythat forages over the north end of Cheasty, not an easy thing to find inSeattle now.  In my opinion, Violet-greenSwallows are failing/withdrawing from Seattle’s neighborhoods at this point intime for whatever of many possible reasons.  They may be facing a situation where colonies are better than singlenest sites.  I wonder how the colony at50th and University is doing.)9. American Goldfinch (heard and seen flying in.  present last year in the main wetland.)10. Pacific-slope Flycatcher seemingly great densities, lots of singing full song and lots ofvisuals.  Cheasty may be perfect habitatfor this bird.)11.  Steller’s Jay12. Black-headed Grosbeak  (seemingly more than one bird vociferously singing and vocalizing on Sat,didn’t hear them today).13.  WarblingVireo  (multiple, hard to say how manythere are, one of the commonest songs being sung)14. Wilson’s Warbler  (heard singing on Sat)15.  Orange-crownedWarbler   ( I was surprised to hear two Ithink singing from different posts in the heart of Cheasty today, not Sat).  Last year I thought they were mostly outside Cheasty.16.  Cooper’sHawk  (Ed Deal and others may long haveknown this but we saw near proof that the Cheasty Cooper’s adults are eatingbaby Crows.  Huge Crow Commotion and massive attack on an adult, then a bit later wesaw the bird eating a charcoal-colored bird that was the right size.  Took photos but accidentally deleted them)17. Northern Flicker18. House Finch19.  RufousHummingbird   (a bad visual, I’ve hadtrouble getting Rufous at Cheasty, but I thinkI got the ID right.  Anna’s arepresumed but we didn’t observe any)IT WOULD BE GREAT IF OTHERS CHECKED OUT CHEASTY.  Both times the Cottonwood grove was visitedfor sounds of Bullock’s Orioles, but nada and also no Swainson’s Thrush.  My knowledge base is so poor but with thequality of the habitat, it would seem to me this bird should be there, alwayssurprised that it hasn’t been  in thelast three.  It doesn’t surprise me notto get Barn Swallow or Vaux’s Swift. Thanks all, best wishes, Ed Newbold Residential Beacon Hill, ednewbold1 at yahoo.com   

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