[Tweeters] suggestions for Snohomish area

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The best birding in the town of Snohomish I’ve found so far is my back yard
which has three different kinds of feeders. Given that that’s not an
option, there’s a short nature trail near the west end of 1st street which
goes down to the Snohomish river and by the STP. There’s a marshy area off
to your right as you go in. The entrance to the trail is at 47°54'48.1"N
122°06'18.9"W. You’ll probably have to park at the visitors center at the
corner of 1st and D then walk the ¼ mile to the path.

The Centennial Trail is a good place to get exercise but not to bird.

Good luck and let us know how you did.

Wally Davis


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Hi tweets,

My wife and I have an errand to run up in Snohomish tomorrow, and she's
recovering from some eye surgery so is not up for a strenuous hike -- does
anyone have suggestions for decent birding, or a pleasant amble, in the
Snohomish area? Thanks for any tips!

On a more tweety note, we have a local crow who seems to have lost his/her
mind. Whenever anyone from our house steps outside it becomes hysterical,
cawing and cawing -- but all the other crows in the neighborhood just ignore
him/her. Doesn't seem to have a local baby, it just looks wildly around
cawing. What? Maybe a local critter - a cat, or a raccoon, maybe - took the
baby crow, and it's blaming us for the loss? Who knows?

-Josh Hayes, ON VACATION in famous Licton Springs (School's OUT, baby!)

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