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Roland van der Vliet rollie_nl at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 16 06:02:22 PDT 2016

Dear allI introduced myself in my other email with a RFI for birds and birding in Olympic National Park. I also have a more general question on birding in Washington state. Although I did a fair amount of birding in North America and Mexico in the past, I still have some species left that would be lifers. I sorted out the seabirds, as I will go on a hopefully productive Westport pelagic, but for those land birds... I will give my list of would-be lifers, and I hope someone can give me info on how to get these. Note that I will be based in Puyuallup although I will have a rental car available for part of the time. I divided the species, based on the Wa state checklists, on western and eastern species. I will have of course more time to search for the westerners although I intend to especially target Spotted Owl (and other owls), Black Swift, Tricoloured Blackbird and the woodpeckers. Any chance also on e.g. Slaty-backed Gull this time of year? Any help would be much appreciated! Note that I do not have a "where to watch" book (yet) but I intend to pick one up in Washington state sometime. I do not know how well available it is though. Any suggestions which one to buy?
Regularly occurring species (rockies and west)

- Mountain Quail
- California Quail
- White-tailed Ptarmigan
- Sooty Grouse
- Western Screech-owl
- Spotted Owl
- Boreal Owl
- Northern Saw-whet Owl
- Black Swift
- Lewis's Woodpecker
- Red-breasted Sapsucker
- American Three-toed Woodpecker
- Prairie Falcon
- Western Wood-pewee
- Pacific-slope Flycatcher
- Clark's Nutcracker
- Violet-green Swallow
- Rusty Blackbird
- Gray-crowned Rosy-finch
- Cassin's Finch

Regularly occurring species (rockiesand east)
- Greater Sage-grouse
- Dusky Grouse
- Sharp-tailed Grouse
- Ferruginous Hawk
- Flammulated Owl
- Common Poorwill
- Williamson's Sapsucker
- White-headed Woodpecker
- Gray Flycatcher
- Pygmy Nuthatch
- Sage Thrasher
- Brewer's Sparrow
- Sagebrush Sparrow
- Tricolored Blackbird
All the best,Roland van der Vietco-editor of Dutch Birdingformer chairman of Dutch rarities committee (CDNA)

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