[Tweeters] Purple and Cassin's Finches

Bob Sundstrom ixoreus at scattercreek.com
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I have seen two male Purple Finches in the last year similar to that pictured in the first photo, both a yellow orange to golden orange. One was in Leavenworth last week, and the other near Tenino at my seed feeders. These were the first of these variants I had seen, and have looked at Purple Finches at my feeders almost every day here for 15 years.

Bob Sundstrom

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While birding Mission Creek Road outside of Cashmere in Chelan county on 06.06.16, I came across a flock of finches at the edge of the road taking grit and/or minerals. At first, I had difficulty separating some of these Purple Finches and Cassin's Finches. This could have been due to possible hybridization or simply lack of expertise on the part of the observer. No House Finches did I see.

In the past I have seen my share of yellow House Finches, but never a yellow Purple Finch. Until that day. Here is a link to an image:


Other color variants as well as the more typical Purple and Cassin's Finches may be viewed at:


All images in this gallery were taken at the same place and time.

Marv Breece
Tukwila, WA
marvbreece at q.com


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