[Tweeters] Possible but not for sure female Indigo Bunting at Three Forks Park, Snoqualmie, King Co, WA

Grace and Ollie grace.ollie at frontier.com
Mon Jun 13 13:50:00 PDT 2016


This morning, 6/13/2016 about 9:00am, we saw a plain warm reddish brown
finch/sparrow/bunting like bird just as you enter field beyond off leash dog
park; bird was feeding in tall grass on grass seeds and/or insects; had well
notched tail - best match for this bird is a female Indigo Bunting; however
not well enough seen and no photo was obtained; from historical note there
was a male Indigo Bunting in this area several years ago

We saw Lazuli Buntings in this field. The bird we saw was darker than a
female Lazuli Bunting. I did not see blue on the tail; but it was heavy
overcast and bird was backlit. Last seen flying across the field towards
golf course. Originally came out of tree line where field begins just past
the old railroad bed.

Just a note for others to keep a look for it if you are birding the area.

The Red-eyed Vireo was along the railroad bed trail well past the off leash
dog area in the direction away from the golf course.

Grace Oliver

Redmond, WA

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