[Tweeters] American Redstart in Snoqualmie

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Hi Rick,You'll want to park at the Faye Road entrance parking lot. Note as per recent tweeters mail that there have been car prowls there. From the parking lot, walk straight back into and across the farm field toward a willow thicket. As you near the thicket the grass will get very tall, maybe head height or more. There is at first a faint bushwhacked trail through the grass but it may become hard to follow quickly. Once on that trail you want to stay to the right. If you come to a newly constructed bridge across a small creek you went too far left.  The Redstart can be anywhere back in there, it can take quite a bit of looking around to find it.  With the grass, you have two options: Go very early in the morning and get pretty wet, or go later and get covered with grass pollen.  If you have allergies at all the first option is probably the better one.Todd SahlSeattle WA

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This is the kind of thing that reminds me that I'm still a new guy. A couple of eBird reports have said that there is an American Redstart at the Snoqualmie Wildlife area in "the usual spot." Can someone please share where the "usual spot" is? It would be a lifer for me.

Thank you very much.
Rick Tyler

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