[Tweeters] Safety Eide everywhere

Sammy Catiis Hikersammy at msn.com
Sun Jun 12 13:10:12 PDT 2016

Hey Tweets,

My son just got back from Eide where some guys were shooting crossbows into nests and other trees and what ever they could hit. He didn't call this in because he didn't want to get involved and wasn't sure that they couldn't be out there doing that. PLEASE!!!!! I BEG YOU.. if you EVER see any activity of shooting anything other than a hunting rifle < and that is only during hunting season.. DON'T LOOK the other way.. this is crazy. GET INVOLVED.. you are scared? Then call me, I'll call it in. ALWAY call 911 for any activity like this or if you even suspect prowling or someone looking like they are casing.. in any case, no guns or weapons can be fired at any of the preserves outside hunting season, and then there are certain rules. This is nuts. We need to stop this behavior. Snap a photo of lisc. plates and faces if you can safely, retreat and call 911 and report it. Stand by to share the photos if necessary. Inthis case, at least there are photos, no lisc. numbers, but it will be turned in none the less.


Happy healthy birding..


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